Close on Time with Broker Title and Escrow
In todays competitive market, closing on time may mean the difference in whether you close or not. Nothing can be more frustrating than working hard to get a deal done and then the title agent telling you that they only work till 5.  We close when and where you want to close.


Broker Title and Escrow has one goal—to be the best title company in the area. We believe that the only way to build a successful company is to specialize in personal service and customer satisfaction. An industry leader since 2012, Broker Title and Escrow conducts settlements through out middle Tennessee. Our team, with backgrounds in real estate, banking, and law, understands the needs of each party involved in the transaction. We are able to anticipate and solve problems before we get to the settlement table. Being locally owned and operated enables us to respond quickly and effectively to any issue.

For you, this means a smooth settlement.

For us, this means returning clients, positive referrals, and continued success.


  • Your source for residential sales, new home sales, refinances, 1031 exchanges
  • Commercial division
  • Locally owned and operated since 2012
  • Experienced staff with roots in real estate, law, and banking
  • Knowledgeable and reliable resource for our clients through out the settlement process
  • Short sale and foreclosure experience
  • Choose Broker Title and Escrow for your next settlement. We know how to make the settlement process SMOOTH.


Broker Title & Escrow has 4 closing agents that are ready to go and close anytime and anywhere.


We have 4 convenient locations to choose from.


BrokerTtitle and Escrow writes title insurance including owners and lenders policies. 


We have title searchers that can respond for Rush Services and turn around times as quick as 24 hours.


We have a private investigator on retainer to assist when looking for people to clear mechanic liens and to find missing persons regarding estate and probate matters. 


For an immediate response contact


Greg Fairbetter

Office  Desk  615-986-2213  

Cellph 615-456-0043



Bill Castleman Jr. 

Cell 615-300-7932 



Connie Gill 





  • ​Title Searches

  • Settlement Services

  • Escrow Services

  • LIen Resolution

  • Real Estate Closing


MAY 3, 2012

Bill Castleman, Jr. Joins Broker Title.